The Glow Solid .15 oz

The Glow Solid .15 oz

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The Glow Solid is perfect for those who don’t really wear makeup, or just need a quick lift and a brightening to the skin.

This hydrating solid can be applied to cheekbones, tip of the nose, chin, brow bone, or anywhere you want an instant subtle dewy glow!

It comes with a perfect little mirror to get your glow on the go.

The Glow Solid is now available in our mini solid size, and you still get the sweet little mirror. Even more glow for girls on the go ;)

Grass fed, grass finished tallow, organic beeswax, raw, unrefined kokum butter, raw, unrefined mango butter, raw, unrefined cocoa butter, raw, unrefined shea butter, organic, extra virgin coconut oil, kaolin clay, organic castor oil, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin e, ethically sourced mica pigment.

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