About Us

01 — Ingredients that are the purest the earth can offer.

Whether its a personal care item such as facial serum, deodorant, face mask, or our home care items like our all purpose cleaner; you will only find ingredients that come directly from the earth. Our products utilize the power of vegetation and minerals to keep your body and mind in harmony with nature. We only want the best for our bodies, and we are here to bring the same to you

02 — Simple Ingredients.

Not only do our products only have ingredients that come directly from nature, but we also keep the formulas very simple. While this may reduce shelf life or not be as potent as a synthetic chemicals like the aromatics in some cleaners or detergents; your body, mind, and spirit really do appreciate this, and before you may realize it, your body will begin to thank you. You will begin to feel elevated and at rest as you reduce exposure to chemicals we were never built to encounter.

03 — Sustainably Packaged

Our storefront is located in Redding, CA. While all items purchased online are brand new through and through, our commitment to keeping a minimal footprint is our intention. Our focus is to steer as much as possible away from the use of plastics and instead use glass which can be re-used. We avoid harmful dyes and perfumes and instead opt for high quality natural essential oils for scent and healing. Our commitment to caring for the environment and the future generations of this planet including my own children is important to me.

04 — Values

Hello and Welcome

My name is Candice & I am the CEO & Owner of Simple Living Company. I have been moving towards a sustainable, organic, and earth conscious lifestyle for well over 20 years. I have many years of research in the health and wellness of not only our bodies but mental well being as well. I care deeply about providing quality products made ethically and sustainably for consumers and our planet. All of the brands that you find at The Shop by Simple Living Co. are companies that I personally use and love or I believe in their mission and have personally vetted for quality. I believe matter carries the vibration of the person, business and intention put into it and I try to keep my shop peaceful and filled with love.

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